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5 Summer Office Cleaning Tips

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It’s summer here in New Hampshire, and for most of us, that means some much-deserved time away from the office. In this month’s blog article, the professionals at NH Cleaning Services share some great tips on how to keep your office clean and ready for when you return from your vacation.

1. Start with a clean desk.

When it comes to keeping your desk area neat and tidy, less is more. Pare down your desk, keeping only what you need at an arm’s length away. Use a filing system for everything else. While you’re at it, spend a few minutes cleaning out your catch-all drawer.

2. Disinfect your work area.

Before you leave for vacation, wipe down your entire desk area, including your phone and computer keyboard. Use “green” cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals, which can exacerbate seasonal allergies at the workplace. 

3. Create a chore chart.

To make sure your office remains clean and supplies are stocked throughout the busy summer, create a daily or weekly chore chart. Designate one person each day or week to clean any forgotten messes or restock regularly used materials. For ongoing office cleaning, including floors, windows, bathrooms, trash removal, and more, contact the professionals at New Hampshire Cleaning Services. We’ll take care of these important tasks so you and your employees can focus on serving your customers.

4. Throw it away.

With so many people taking vacations throughout the summer, a forgotten sandwich can easily turn into a smelly science experiment. To keep your fridge uncluttered and odor-free, be sure to add a weekly refrigerator cleaning to your chore chart.

5. Schedule a commercial floor cleaning.

Between the pollen and pesticides, people are tracking a lot onto your floors in the summer months. Whether you have commercial carpeting, tile, or hardwood floors, they should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. To reduce excessive wear and tear on your flooring, contact NH Cleaning Services to schedule a professional deep cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

The professionals at NH Cleaning Services provide regular daily office cleaning and janitorial services, as well as deep carpet cleaning, and stripping and waxing of tile and vinyl floors. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Dec 30, 2021

Excellent cleaning tips especially now with our concerns due to COVID-19. Using both the best methods and best products makes it safer for everyone. Thanks for the tips!


Sep 03, 2020

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