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Reducing Seasonal Allergies at the Office

Although it might not feel like it just yet, spring is right around the corner! And while most of us are looking forward to getting back outside and enjoying all we’ve missed during these long winter months, we forget about the havoc that seasonal allergies can wreak on us. In this month’s blog, the commercial cleaning specialists of NH Cleaning Services provide some tips to help prevent and ease seasonal allergies in the office.

Allergies and Decreased Employee Productivity

Why should you be concerned about allergies in the workplace? Because According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, (AAFA), allergies affect over 50 million Americans. As many as 30% of adults suffer from allergies, and that number is increasing every year. While allergies are generally no cause for serious concern, another study found that an employee’s productivity can be decreased by up to 10 percent when suffering from seasonal allergies.

1. Deep Clean Your Floors

Keeping your floors clean is essential in the fight against allergens. Everyday, people track in not only dirt, but allergens, and even pesticides onto your floors. A professional cleaning company like NH Cleaning Services can assist you in deep cleaning your commercial carpet or floors to remove allergens like dust, pollen, dirt, and bacteria.

2. Keep Your Air Clean

Fresh, clean air is vital for everyone’s good health. Ensure that your company’s heating and cooling systems and ventilation units are cleaned and up-to-date, and that your windows are shut. Preventing allergens such as pollen from entering your office space can significantly reduce the suffering related to seasonal allergies.

3. Lose Your Scents

Overly-scented products such as air fresheners, fragrant plug-ins, and cleaning solutions are common allergy triggers. Avoiding or reducing the use of these products will help lower the risk of allergy attacks in the office.

4. Encourage a Dust-free Workplace

The key to managing allergens in the workplace is maintaining a dust-free environment. Encouraging employees to regularly clean and dust their workspaces will help eliminate the major culprit of most common allergies. While dust is easily seen on hard surfaces, like those on and around your desk, it is more likely to go unnoticed on flooring–particularly carpeting. Ensuring your floor is properly cleaned and maintained by a commercial cleaner like NH Cleaning Services is one of the best ways to reduce allergies in your office.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in NH

Dust and allergens are everywhere, and while there are many measures you can take to reduce their presence in the workplace, NH Cleaning Services can help you bring your efforts one step further. Do you think your company might benefit from a deep clean? We are eager to help you assess your needs and come up with solutions for you, starting with a free quote. Contact the professionals at New Hampshire Cleaning Services to schedule your free quote today.

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