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Spring Office Cleaning Tips

It’s springtime and along with the chirping birds and warm weather, comes the urge to clean and get things organized. And just as a clean and organized home simply makes us all feel better, a tidy workplace can lead to happier and more productive employees. In this month’s blog, the commercial cleaning professionals at NH Cleaning Services explain the benefits of a clean office and share tips on getting it that way.

The Importance of Keeping Your Business Clean

There is a lot of research about the importance of having a clean business. Common sense tells us that a sparkling clean office is going to make a good impression on our customers. In fact, when it comes to restaurants, cleanliness can have a significant impact on the bottom line. But did you know that a clean workplace can also affect employee productivity?

A Clean Workplace and Employee Productivity

According to a recent Harvard study, a messy, untidy workplace can reduce an employee’s persistence in completing a task, negatively impacting overall productivity. A January, 2018 Small Trends in Business article reported that a clean, organized, and clutter-free desk enhances employee productivity with:

  • fewer distractions from cluttered objects

  • less time spent tracking down paperwork and documents

  • reduced stress

  • improved morale

  • decreased absenteeism (cleaner spaces carry fewer illness-causing germs).

Tips to keep your workspace clean and organized:

1. Dust and disinfect.

Believe it or not, your desk, computer keyboard, and phone can carry more germs that your company bathroom. Make it a habit to dust and disinfect your desk and office equipment each week.

2.  Reduce and organize your paper files.

According to the National Association of Professional Organizations, the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers. Go through your paperwork and keep only what you really need. Organize your important papers in clearly-marked folders, filing them in a consistent manner that makes sense to you. To further reduce the amount of paper you keep, consider digitally scanning your important documents.

3. Declutter your desk.

Don’t let your desk get overrun by knick-knacks, trade show giveaways, corporate swag items, etc. A couple choice items are fine, but an extensive collection clutters up your workspace and makes regular dusting and disinfecting difficult. (Try saying that three times fast!)

4. Pare down your office supplies.

How many sticky notes, pens, and paper clips do you really use? Go through your office supplies and keep what you can reasonably use in the next couple of months. Share what you don’t need with some of your office mates, or return it to your company’s common supply area.

5. Clean your floors.

Your floors should be cleaned or vacuumed on a daily basis, especially during springtime, when allergens are at an all-time high. “Spring is also a great time to schedule a deep commercial floor cleaning, particularly after the harsh winter we just had,” suggests Gordon Bult, president of NH Cleaning Services. Whether you have wood, tile, ceramic, or carpeted floors, NH Cleaning Services can help you keep them looking beautiful!

Commercial Cleaning Services in Greater Concord, NH

Many of New Hampshire’s leading businesses and organizations trust their commercial cleaning to NH Cleaning Services. In addition to general office cleaning, we provide office building maintenance cleaning; floor stripping, refinishing, and waxing services; and commercial tile and grout cleaning. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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