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Protecting Your Floors in the NH Winter

Ah, Winter… the season people either love or hate. With the cold, the snow, and everything that comes with it, it’s easy to understand why. It takes a little extra care when heading out the door, and a little more time to unwrap once you get inside. Because of the many people who will be coming through your doors with snow, sand, and salt clinging to their shoes, now is the perfect time to think about protecting your floors from the damage that winter can bring.

Avoiding Damage to Your Floor’s Protective Coating

Once all of that fresh snow is shoveled out of the way, salt and sand are thrown down to keep roads and sidewalks safe. But these elements were never meant to be spread onto wooden floors, tiles, or carpets. Because your floors are quickly damaged by the coarseness of these elements, upkeep of their protective coating is essential.

  • Using a bristly mat right at the entrance of your business door will help customers remove most of what they could bring inside.

  • Placing floor mats in high traffic areas is also a good idea.

  • Proper cleaning and preventative measures can help keep surface damage to a minimum as the season goes on.

  • Removing salt and sand quickly and frequently will extend the life of your wood or tile flooring.

Caring for Inevitable Floor Damage

Some damage is inevitable, especially if there are a lot of people coming through your doors.


Making sure you have the proper upkeep of the surface protectants will help you save money in the long run. Scheduling a professional buffing to take care of minor scratches and resealing or waxing your floors will keep your business looking beautiful.


Salt and sand accumulate quickly into carpets. The fibers of your carpet break down and become dull if elements are left in them for too long. Grains of sand and melted salt are quickly absorbed into carpets, and a simple vacuuming isn’t always good enough. Invest in a quality carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction can remove all of the elements that are below the surface, and keep your carpet looking new. 

Keeping your floors clean also improves the air quality of your business, as leaving damp salt and sand in the fibers of carpeting can be the perfect place for bacteria and mold to grow on a microscopic level. Simple and consistent cleaning prevents the negative effects of winter on your carpet investment.

Professional Floor Care in NH

NH Clean is here to help keep your business floors clean, bright and professional. Taking care of your winter floor needs has never been easier. Contact our specialists to discuss what your winter needs might be, and find the help you need to keep your floors looking their best. Simple steps can save you money in the long run. Get the help and the service you need to keep your business in top shape this winter.

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