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Reduce Office Germs and Bacteria with a Commercial Cleaning Service

We all know that when it comes to business, first impressions count. A lot. So keeping your professional space clean is a must if you want to run a successful business. But keeping your office space clean does more than impress your customers–it can also keep your employees healthier and more productive.

The Dirty Truth

Many of us spend eight or more hours a day at work. During that time, we routinely share both equipment and space with our co-workers. And lurking on the surface of everything in your office–from phones, computers, and printers, to tables, door knobs and light switches–are germs and bacteria.

A typical office can be inhabited by up to 500 different types of bacteria.

Reducing Workplace Germs and Bacteria

Hiring a commercial cleaning service will help reduce germs and bacteria, essential for a healthy workplace. This is especially important during the winter months, when colds and other illnesses start spreading throughout the office. “A professionally-cleaned facility can drastically reduce the transmission of infectious diseases, protecting the health of your employees and customers,” says Gordon Bult, owner, NH Cleaning Services.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Employee absenteeism costs American employers roughly $225.8 billion each year in the form of lost and reduced productivity, sales, and service. In the U.S., common communicable diseases like colds, the flu, and stomach viruses, account for over seven sick days per employee each year.

By investing in a professional cleaning service, you will help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria–decreasing unplanned absences caused by sick employees. Simply put, a healthy workplace equals a productive workforce.

Choosing the Best Professional Cleaning Company

Just because your office looks clean doesn’t mean it’s free of germs and bacteria. A commercial cleaning company like NH Cleaning Services has the right products, equipment, and experience for every cleaning job. “All of our employees are well-trained in which products and tools work most effectively, and how to properly clean and disinfect with them,” Bult points out.

Commercial Cleaning in NH

The experts at NH Cleaning Services will make your facility sparkle from top to bottom, and help keep your employees healthy. From daily office cleaning and janitorial services, to deep carpet cleaning, to floor stripping and waxing, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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