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Why a Clean Restroom is Good for Business

Uggh. The restroom. No one wants to maintain it, but everyone–including your employees and customers–expects and deserves to use a clean one. A clean commercial restroom keeps everyone healthier—and it’s good for business.

Making a Good Impression on Your Customers

Depending on its location, your restroom may be visited by hundreds or even thousands of people. Even if only a few dozen people use your restroom, it’s important to keep it clean from top to bottom. Why? Because image is everything!

How clean you keep your restroom says a lot about your business, including how you care for your customers. And according to a recent article from, a clean bathroom can make or break a customer service experience if your company is in the hospitality or service industry.

This is especially true for restaurants. Naturally, most people equate the cleanliness of your restroom with the cleanliness of your kitchen. According a recent industry study, 75 percent of U.S. adults wouldn’t return to a restaurant with a dirty restroom. Thus, a clean restroom can lead to repeat business and higher earnings. Regardless of your industry, how clean you keep your restroom will directly impact your ability to attract and retain customers.

Caring for Your Employees

A clean restroom is also good for office morale and overall productivity. Employees spend almost half of their day at the workplace and shouldn’t be expected to use a dirty restroom or help maintain it. If not cleaned properly, a restroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and disease-causing molds and allergens. Unfortunately, once an employee is sick, disease quickly spreads, especially during the winter months. Hiring a commercial cleaning service will help reduce germs and bacteria, essential for a healthy workplace.

Routine Maintenance is Key

Most businesses don’t have the personnel, equipment, or expertise to properly manage this important, but often overlooked function. A professional commercial cleaning company can help keep your restroom clean from top to bottom, allowing you to take care of your customers.

To reduce bacteria and odor and keep a clean, functional appearance, commercial restrooms should be regularly maintained by:

  • using eco-friendly solutions to eliminate the presence of bacteria growing on sinks, counters, toilets, and door handles;

  • cleaning dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas (behind toilets, underneath sinks, and on the sills of high windows);

  • sweeping and washing floors;

  • emptying trash cans and other receptacles; and

  • refilling soap, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers. (Is there anything more irritating than using a restroom that’s run out of these supplies?).

Commercial Cleaning Services in NH

Your customers may not notice when your restroom is clean, but they will surely notice when it’s not. The experts at NH Cleaning Services are here to help you clean and maintain your restrooms so you and your employees can focus on your business. Want to make your business shine? Contact us today.

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